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Trials Evolution (available for Image By: Rita Simondownload on Xbox Live Arcade) is the latest trial biking game from developer RedLynx, sequel to the cult classic Trials HD. As with the previous game Trials Evolution see's players navigating a series of obstacle laden courses on a trial bike, aiming for quick times and zero crashes. The physics of the bikes are great, allowing for very skilful play, while the variety of tacks and the lure of beating people on the leader boards will always have you coming back for one more go. There are also a series of multi-player races for more direct competition.
The core game hasn't changed that much since Trials HD, but tracks are now in more varied environments from mountain tops to black and white cityscapes. Outside of the core game RedLynx have also provided a robust level creator, the same tool in fact as was used to make the game, and if you've got the patience it's deep enough to create fantastic courses or even entirely new experiences. Already talented players have created a first person shooter, a table football game and others. But even if making courses doesn't appeal you can play other people's creations and they too have leader boards, which essentially means the game will never run out of content so long as people are still playing and creating.
The game is challenging and at times incredibly frustrating, but finally topping a time or beating a tricky course can be immensely satisfying, making up for any controller throwing moments that may have led up to it. Even when frustration does set in the addictive structure and wealth of content will likely keep you going.

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